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Player Piano Service Disclaimer

Simply stated, pneumatic player pianos are two complete systems in one. The underlying musical instrument is a fully functional acoustic piano. This requires all the attention that a non-player piano might need. Services could range from simple repairs, tuning, regulation, to far more complex undertakings such as restringing, bridge repair and the like. Typically, service needs are greater on a player piano because of the workout that player pianos are typically exposed to.

Though obviously designed to work together, the player system is an addition to a regular piano and is essentially separate from a design, upkeep, and repair point of view. The workings of the player mechanism can require a separate set of skills, tools, parts and materials.


Some years ago, I decided to discontinue working on player pianos and concentrate on my chosen field of expertise, the acoustic piano. The success of finding a person that is well qualified as both a piano technician and a player technician is very rare.


To satisfy those who can’t find such a person, I am available to offer a tuning service for player pianos. Although I have tuned players for decades, I do so with the understanding that I am not responsible for any aspect of the player system before, during, or after a visit. Any concerns, repairs, etc with the player system will need to be addressed with a player technician at the owners’ expense.


It should also be mentioned that player pianos may require some small additional steps to accomplish a routine tuning (see pic). This may or may not add a small aditional charge to a normal tuning fee.



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