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Robert G. Kelly has been servicing pianos in Harford County since 1980. Bob is a Registered Piano Technician member of the Piano Technicians Guild since 1988. This means he has passed a series of rigorous exams verifying skills in tuning, regulation, and repair.

Bob lives in Bel Air and works full-time in the profession bringing quality workmanship with high integrity. He continues to provide reputable service at very reasonable prices to pianos in the homes, churches, and institutions of Harford, Northern Baltimore and Cecil Counties.

Why a Registered Piano Technician?Robert G Kelly RPT







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  • piano actionTuning
  • Pitch Raising
  • Estimates / Evaluations
  • Regulation
  • Appraisal
  • Cleaning
  • Humidity Control Systems
  • Key Recovering
  • Hammer Replacement
  • Restringing
  • Voicing
  • Repairs of all types
  • and more....

How much does it cost to tune my piano?

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"A mechanic of sound makes a house call"

By Scott Calvert
December 21, 2008


Fall back in love with your piano

Piano manufacturers, performers, and technicians know that most pianos require tuning at least every six months. Other mechanical adjustments can also change making playing far less enjoyable.

Why not find out just how much fun you can have again. Call today for an appointment and remember why you loved playing your piano!

Good for your family

Numerous findings on the benefits of learning to play a musical instrument have been presented childrenby scientist in recent years. While this is certainly not all that matters, many parents are rightly becoming convinced that musical training is an effective way to stimulate their children’s brain development, attention span, and self-confidence.


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The typical charge for a piano tuning is $130 (within the normal service area*). With that, the piano will be looked over for problems and expertly tuned.

The way a piano plays is unaffected by a piano tuning. While small incidental repairs are at times done with no additional charge, repairs are not part of the process of tuning a piano and may have an additional charge.

(*Harford County and nearby areas)

Specific techniques undertaken to improve the tone or quality of sound different than tuning. For example, go from dull to more crisp, or harsh to more mellow
This system involves both a dehumidifier and a humidifier to protect a piano from the detrimental seasonal swings that effect all pianos. See www.pianolifesaver.com.
The process of making numerous adjustments to the mechanical aspects. Regulation works to optimize touch, dynamics, responsiveness, and consistancy across the keyboard.
Estimate refers to the cost of repairs. Evaluation is the worthiness or potential as a musical instrument. Appraisal is a determination of value.
Process undertaken to restore a piano that has dropped excessively below the target pitch of A440.
Adjustment of the tension of the strings to bring about the proper overall pitch and correct relationships between the strings. Typically takes 1-2 hours.